We’ve heard all about Blake Lively (Serena)’s Lorraine Schwartz wedding ring. We’ve written poems to it and counted its carats on each of our twelve fingers. We’ve had hyper-realistic hypnosis-induced dreams in which we are wearing it and standing with Ryan and even better dreams in which we are that ring!

So, it really boosted our happiness quota (we journal daily about our feelings) that we actually got to see the ring on Blake’s finger in the wild when Blake stepped out at the
Chanel Bijoux De Diamant 80th Anniversary on October 9th.

What better way to show off the pink diamond and sparkle than with a silver and pink Chanel gown at a Chanel event! Blake apparently thought so, too, because despite hiding her hand in her pocket (and her hot date inside) on the red carpet, she eventually revealed the rock.

While we’re still debating whether we would have been quite so matchy-matchy with our couture, we certainly wouldn’t have hesitated to flash our hand in front of every single lens.

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