A rock this big should have superpowers, beyond attracting hot husbands. Blake Lively should at least be able to power Hollywood off the shine of her ring from Ryan Reynolds.

Blake, 25, and Ryan, 35, got married on September 9 in South Carolina — and shortly afterward Blake flashed a shot of the ring, which gave experts a clue as to its dimensions and worth. Adelaide Polk-Bauman of Forevermark Diamonds told Celebuzz the oval cut diamond "looks particularly brilliant" and is roughly 12 carat total weight. “Depending on clarity and color, I would say at the minimum this retails for 1.2 million, but closer to 2 million."

Wow. Do you think that’s even close to what Ryan actually paid or would a jeweler give him some special deal just so they could say “We made the ring Ryan gave Blake”? For example, People.com has a story about the ring, with a jeweler spokesperson saying, “Ryan chose Lorraine Schwartz to help him find a flawless, light pink oval diamond..." Boom. Instant endorsement for Lorraine Schwartz.

Sources: CelebuzzPeople

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