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To be honest, when it comes to the end of Gossip Girl, we’re still in the “denial” stage of the grieving process. There are so many things we’re going to miss about the iconic star-making show, and Nate Archibald’s beautiful face (his pouting, well-moisturized lips) is just one of them. But before we get all weepy about losing our weekly date with Chace Crawford (the perfect arch of his eyebrows), we are glad to take a little walk down memory lane — from his perspective.

In a recent Digital Journal interview, Chace talks about some of his best — and weirdest — memories of his five years on the Gossip Girl stage. It seems that we’re not alone in our nostalgia as the greatest show ever to air on The CW (okay, that category doesn’t exactly celebrate its majesty) comes to an end. Chace (his baby butt-smooth skin) waxes poetic about his moments in the Upper East Side sun.

Credit: The CW Photo: Blair, Nate, and Serena in "Its a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World" From 2010

“One day, I'm nobody, and once Gossip Girl started, the next day, millions of girls and women were in love with me and my character — it was crazy," he says about the beginning of the GG empire. We can’t recall a time when Chace (that perfectly mussed hair) wasn’t on our radar, and we hope we won’t have to resort to full-on stalking when the show ends. (Note to reporters — please take lots of pictures so we don’t all get restraining orders.)

As close as we’ve felt to the elite crew on Gossip Girl, it must be a strange feeling for Chace (his sparkling blue eyes) to be leaving his on-screen family (and the plethora of girls he’s called his own over the years). “I don't know if it will ever be as good, or if I'll ever have it quite as good as in New York,” he says of the camaraderie he’s experienced on the show.

Credit: The CW Photo: Blake, Ed, Leighton, and Chace On-Set of Gossip Girl in 2007's "The Wild Brunch"

If we had access to the Gossip Girl set .... well, we’d be totally cool and normal and not freak out at all or tell anyone how much we love them and how we have posters of them all over our walls. Other people might not be able to play it as cool though, as evidenced by a story Chace (those high cheekbones) shared,

There was this one fan who was always on set. We'd get out of the vans or come out of the studio, and there would always be this fan there. We all got these mini, tiny, kind of like for kindergarteners, lunchboxes. They had collages of our faces all over the whole thing. And it would have been really sweet if it was from like a twelve year old girl or something. But it was a thirty-six year-old man giving us these things.

Credit: The CW Photo: Diana Payne and Nate Archibald in Gossip Girl S5 Ep2 "Beauty and The Feast"

Although we know Chace Crawford would totally be into us — and only us — forever, CC’s alter-ego Nate Archibald is quite the ladies’ man. And who would Chace most like to see return to Gossip Girl for the final season? "Well, you wouldn't have to twist my arm to get Elizabeth Hurley back on the show!” Chace says about the bombshell who played love interest Diana Payne.

On the final season (*weeps openly against poster of Chace Crawford*) of the show, Nate will be focusing on taking down the blogger known as Gossip Girl, and we can’t wait to watch Chace (and his face) throw down. 

Source: Digital Journal

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