The wooing of words continues between Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford (Nate) and British pop sensation Cheryl Cole.

After Chace expressed admiration for the talented beauty, she returned the sentiments via Twitter by naming him her favorite actor. Now Chace, who has yet to actually meet Cheryl, despite the fact that they both star in this summer’s What to Expect When You’re Expecting movie, is hinting at a more intimate rendezvous.

The actor told Now Magazine that he would like to take Cheryl to co-star Elizabeth Hurley (Diana Payne)’s wedding. The UK rag noted that he joked about the idea (especially since Hurley has yet to set a wedding date), but we’re all for this cross-Atlantic romance.

And if Cheryl thinks this compliment from Chace is a winner – “'She sounds like this queen who's unbelievably awesome” – then wait until she hears it uttered with his deep Southern-kissed accent. Swoon!

Source: Now Magazine

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Credit: Celebuzz Photo: Chace Crawford on What He Cooks to Woo the Ladies: "Easy Mac"?