Everyone in their right minds is Team Chair (Team Dair to the left), including Gossip Girl's resident trouble maker Kaylee DeFer (Ivy)! Fans are anxious for television's angstiest couple to make it official during the sixth and final season of our favorite show, and Kaylee thinks the odds are in their favor.

“I hope so,” Kaylee told Hollywood Life when asked if Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester) would reunite. “I think that they have to, right?”

So, what else can we expect from Kaylee and the rest of the Upper East Siders? “They haven’t given us any of the scripts,” she admits. “We have no clue what the story lines are gonna be until like a couple days before.”

Sigh, way to keep us in suspense!

Source: Hollywood Life

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