Credit: The CW ©2007 The CW Network Photo: Chair Moment: Blair and Chuck in Season 1, Episode 8: "Seventeen Candles"

As Chuck’s (Ed Westwick) life hangs in the balance, and Gossip Girl fans across the nation wait with bated breath for the show's return on January 16 — we thought it best to take a moment and reflect on happier days.

Take, for example, Chuck and Blair's (Leighton Meester) sexy backseat limo make-out sesh from way back in Season 1, Episode 7: "Victor Victrola." Their chemistry is undeniable. From that moment on, we simply knew Chair was the GG 'ship for us. Sure they've had their ups and downs. We still hope they can make it!

Never lose hope, Chair fans. Help deal with your saddness by watching this glorious video over and over and over agian. Think of happier times.

And never ever lose hope.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Chuck and Blair Hook Up in a Limo in Gossip Girl Season 1: Episode 7 "Victor, Victrola" [VIDEO] Happy Limoversary!

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