Credit: The CW Photo: Chuck Bass in Season 1 (2007) and in Season 6 (2012)

Whilst watching a recent episode of Gossip Girl, we got to thinking (yeah, we know that sounds like a Carrie Bradshaw thing to do) about Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick). Namely, we realized that we haven’t always been thinking about Chuck Bass. Huh?

Let us explain. In season 1, Chuck was kind of vile. He tried to force himself on Jenny (Taylor Momsen), he wore the same scarf for nearly the whole season, and his hair looked like that. In short, he wasn’t yet Chuck Bass. He was still “that sleazy guy who sleeps with his best friend’s girlfriend.”

So, imagine our surprise that nearly all of our GG fan fic entries are now about Chuck (well, more Ed and his English accent than Chuck and his Batman voice). Thank heavens for bow ties and hair gel.

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