Depending upon which side of the Blair Waldorf Love Conundrum you belong to, last night’s “Crazy, Cupid, Love” was either a DREAM COME TRUE, or one seriously epic nightmare… However, we’d argue there was no denyin’ the heat of that long-awaited kiss – timed oh-so-perfectly with the loveliest of lovey holidays, Valentine’s Day! – and we are sooo very excited for all those future kisses to come! (And when we say “kisses” we MEAN “kisses” – have you SEEN all those kisses? Yessss!)

Credit: Tumblr Photo: Dan and Blair Kiss in Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 16: "Cross Rhodes"

So… because the internet is such a fabulous place, and because we love you Dan (Penn Badgley) and Blair (Leighton Meester) ‘shippers sooo much, we’re transplantin’ a lil’ gem we saw on Tumblr earlier today right here for your eyes to see!

(And you can see it over… and over… and over again. Seriously, we’ve just got this open in a tab so we can keep watching it – feel free to do the same!)

It’s… magical. (P.S. Team Chair, we’re so very sorry – but let’s face it, y’all got gifs for dayyys!)


Happy Valentine’s Day GG-ers!  

Source: Tumblr

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