Credit: Splash News

Poor Penn Badgley (Dan) just can’t catch a break.

Fans jumped for joy when the Gossip Girl star cut his hair last month, but then quickly decried the brand new  face-framing beard he debuted along with it. I know everybody hates it,” Penn told Vulture of his new facial hair. (And that tiny little moustache he had for a while? It didn’t help things.)

Now that Penn is back to filming Gossip Girl Season 6, both his beard and moustache are nowhere to be scene. However, Penn did recently show off another distinguishing new physical marking: a brand new tattoo.

We took a poll among GG fans like you, to help get a read on what you think of Penn’s new tatt. Surely anything could be better than that not-so-classy topless chick perched on Ed Westwick’s (Chuck) shoulder, no?

Sadly, fans just aren’t digging Penn’s new ink. 29% of readers may have voted that Penn’s feather-shaped leg tattoo is “HOT,” but that leaves 71% who voted a resounding “NOT.”

No love for Lonely Boy these days, is there? Geez.

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