For six years, Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester brought out the creepiest sides of ourselves as we became obsessed with Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl. We watched them flirt and have elevator-uneven love onscreen — and we weren’t the only super fans. Tumblr provided a litany of fanfic dreams and GIF collages. So, thanks for that, CW!

But in case the show wasn’t enough for you to keep your Tumblr fanfic going, if your inspiration kind of fizzled without the constant visual cues that set off a whirlwind of emotional writing, we have more for you. First of all, Ed and Leighton will be traveling together in the near future. Second, it’s to a super-exotic location where they can reenact all of their bougie UES mannerisms and reignite your creative spark.

What’s most exciting? You can go watch. No, they’re not building a real-life Victrola. Rather, the onscreen couple will be making an appearance in Bangkok when Siam Center, a glitzy shopping hub reopens on January 11. Word is 100 million baht will be spent on the grand opening festivities alone  — that’s more than 3 million dollars.

Credit: Siam Center

And how do our favorite GGers fit in? Ed and Leighton will be making an appearance at an exclusive dinner, alongside Nicki Minaj and Korean superstar Kim Bum. It’s not clear what exactly is required of the Upper East Side’s most notorious couple, but any party that involves Ed’s accent, Leighton’s sex appeal, and Nicki Minaj performing sounds like a good time to us.

Source: Bangkok Post