When we think of Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick (Chuck) and Leighton Meester (Blair), we think of couture clothes and fancy jewelry. Well, that and fevered makeout sessions in the backseat of a limo. But this time it’s more about the fancy jewelery....

On Friday, April 27th, the two beautiful actors are jetting off to China, where they'll join luxury jeweler Harry Winston for the ribbon-cutting ceremony of his largest global flagship store in Shanghai!

As we all know, the actors’ on-screen alter-egos Blair and Chuck have a important history with the jeweler on the show, with the engagement Chuck got for (but never gave) the Queen B being from H-Dubya (as we like to call him).

We can’t help but wonder if that ring will make a reappearance in the Season 5 finale, curiously named “The Return of the Ring.”  Perhaps with Chuck getting down on one knee and proposing... and B saying "It's about damn time!"? (Yes, let the speculation begin... )

Source: Jing Daily

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