Beneath the never-ending (well, in our minds) Chuck Bass suits is one heavily tattooed body. Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick is an avid body ink enthusiast, boasting more than a handful of tattoos all over his hunky British bod — including song lyrics, a topless lady, and a tattoo in reference to the weight of the human soul.


Ed tells Interview, “I’m a big fan of Elvis, man. I got 'Heartbreak Hotel' tattooed on my chest. Yeah, and I’ve got '21 Grams,' 'Love Me Two Times,' the song by the Doors. I have 'I Heart Romance' on my forearm and 'You Make Me Feel Like the One' across my shoulder.” The inspiration for “I Heart Romance?” A bathroom stall in a bar in Brooklyn, Ed says, explaining simply: “I thought it was cool, so I got it.” The “21G” (short for 21 grams) tattoo is a nod to the purported “weight of the human soul,” according to People.

Ed reportedly plans to get “way more” tattoos, because: “They're addictive. Live fast, die young. Be a good-looking corpse.” There’s one special lady who is not a fan of Ed’s ink addiction, however: his mom. She particularly hates his upper right arm tattoo of a topless woman. Of his parents, Ed tells OK!, “They’re pretty proud, I think, except [for] the tattoo. [I’m the] black sheep of the family.”

Ed Westwick’s Tattoos: An Almost-Complete List
-         naked lady on upper right arm
-         “Heartbreak Hotel” on his chest
-         “I Heart Romance” on his forearm
-         “You Make Me Feel Like the One” on his shoulder
-         “21G” (short for 21 grams) below left shoulder

Source: InterviewOK!People