Credit: Jason Winslow/Splash News Photo: Kaylee DeFer on the Set of Gossip Girl in NYC on October 13, 2011

It was just last week when we were poking a bit of a fun at our favorite Manhattanites who manage to live such happy, gym-free existences, all the while maintaining those super svelte bods that keep their designer duds fitting just right!

While we didn’t imagine a faux-exercise activity for her onscreen counterpart Ivy, Gossip Girl’s Kaylee DeFer is on the pages of this month’s SELF magazine with a killer workout she squeezes into her day to keep Ivy looking great! (Ohhh, so that’s how they do it!)

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Photo: Kaylee DeFer Arrives at the FOX Winter 2010 All-Star Party on January 11, 2010

The workout comes specially designed by celeb trainer Jay Cardiello, and is geared toward tight spaces... hotel rooms, tour buses, or even, you know, the tiny apartments of real people! As Kaylee says, “Exercise makes me feel better inside and out, but it’s hard to fit in. These moves make it easier because you don’t need a gym membership or a lot of space to do them!”

Head over to SELF’s website to check out Kaylee’s 8 simple moves (and that sizable tat on her side!), which include names like the “Sumo Strut,” the “Charlie’s Angel” and the “Crocodile Lift” (watch out, that one’s a killer)!

Source: SELF

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