It's raining family issues in Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 20: "Despicable B." Everyone's worried about where they stand — with their family, in New York City society, in the eyes of their significant other. Check out the music played during the episode:

Scene: Blair is trying to sell her accessories line, but the buyer's not buying it.
Song: "End of the Line"
Artist: Sleigh Bells
I was faced to the wall
With the mirror, with the mirror crashing
And you stood so tall but you fall 
And you’re never gonna get back up
You didn’t want it enough
You didn’t want it enough
(Am I central now, am I central now I was central how)

You know it didn’t have to be this way
you know it didn’t have to be
But it’s the end of the line
So goodbye

End Of The Line by Sleigh Bells on Grooveshark

Scene: End of the episode. 
Song: "Home"
Artist: Foxes
I’ve never heard you speak like this
On the phone
You carry the weight and I take the guilt
Brings me down
Brings me down to this

Break the cycle
Round and round
Round and round we go

These strange faces
It was only yesterday we spoke on the phone
A distant memory from all those years ago
But now I’m looking at these strange faces
And I’m not coming home


Home by Foxes on Grooveshark

Scene: Nate searches Diana's apartment, Diana catches him, Nate takes off his shirt and they make out. Ain't no thang! 
Song: "Body Knows Best"
Artist: Anya Marina

The land won’t rest puts you to the test
Gets better any kind of weather
You gotta keep it on the side
You gotta lay it on the side
Who’s right?
Your body knows best
All that time putting up a fight
How we wrestle in the night


Credit: YouTube Photo: Gossip Girl Music: What Song Played While Nate Kissed Diana in Season 5, Episode 21, "Despicable B"? (VIDEO)