Credit: GIOVANNI RUFINO / THE CW ©2012 THE CW NETWORK Photo: Blair and Dan Kiss and Hold Hands in Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 23: "The Fugitives"


Tonight’s Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 23, “The Fugitives” was a Metrushka doll of lies. Everyone knows what they want (well, except Serena), but no one is brave enough to say it. The soundtrack for tonight’s episode was equally heartbreaking in its angst. Check out the songs played below:

Scene: Andrew is cuffed and carted off in front of Chuck and Bart.
Song: “Halfway Home”
Artist: Tribes
An awakening of self, wrapped up and ready to go
Just wanna dance with you but I won't let it show
Do you remember how we were?
Late nights on the trampoline
Just wanna dance with you, this time it's plain to seeStay awake to watch you sleep. I'm young but I don't feel well
I'm not in love with you but I won't let you tell


Credit: YouTube Photo: Tribes - "Halfway Home" (VIDEO)


Scene: The end of the episode.
Song: “Round and Round”
Artist: Imagine Dragons
We are all living the same way
We are escaping the same way
We are a part of the same play
We think we're making our own way
You don’t have to hold your head up high
Round and round
I won’t run away this time
Till you show me what this life is for
Round and round
I’m not gonna let you change my mind
Till you show me what this life is for