If there's one thing we learned from Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 19: "It Girl, Interrupted," it's "how you use your power that counts." Check out the soundtrack for Monday night's all-new episode below.

Scene: Opening scene: Blair is holding her divorce papers, Serena is typing on her laptop.
Song: "Pioneers"
Artist: Lighthouse and The Whaler
I was wishing we could go back to 
how it was before age impaired our reach 
I was wishing we could go back to the 
house our hands stretched on the opened trees 

Hold on, Hold on we've got the lights dear 
just where you came from Hold on Hold on 
we've got the lights dear just like where 
you're going to 

Hold on I feel like you could shine a little brighter 
my love just like you did when you where younger 
underneath the copper wires and the rubble that 
you I hope they never end 

Scene: Closing scene; Blair and Dan are on the museum steps, Serena types in her laptop (AGAIN).
Song: "Hit the Ground (Superman)"
Artist: The Big Pink
Flying high at speed of sound
On the night bus, heading out
I'll call you now
We'll meet on streets, and we'll run around
Leave everyone behind
The name-droppers and the unkinds
And we'll meet our friends
Blue plastic bags, full of cans
Like hooded ghosts, we don't make a sound
Feel the earth pull us, hand in hand

But if I fall off this cloud
If I fall off, oh superman
Oh superman 
I don't wanna hit the ground

Hit The Ground (Superman) by The Big Pink on Grooveshark

Scene: Lingerie party!
Song: "Alive"
Artist: Hustle Roses
Now that your wallet is all lit up
You're gonna wanna wear it out
You're gonna wanna wear it out You could throw me a bone
If I get too close you wake me up Remind me softly to go
If I forget won't you wake me up
Remind me not to feel a thing Keep the dream tight
I can't feel a thing My dreams are so tight
Why wouldn't I stand in line tonight? 

Credit: YouTube Photo: What's the Song Playing During the Lingerie Party in Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 19: "It Girl, Interrupted"?