Choosing the soundtrack for a party is tough, but what about the soundtrack for the party where major dramz happens? Super crucial. Tonight's Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 20: "Salon of the Dead" brought it on the drama front — as well as the music front. Chuck's real mom was finally revealed, Blair and Dan tried to have their own coming out party (but mostly failed), and Lola crashed Serena's private Gossip Girl scheming. The songs played during the ep were just as epic as the antics. Check 'em out below!

Scene: Opening scene. Blair and Dan are having tea, Serena is sitting, typing on her laptop.
Song: "Tongue Tied"
Artist: Grouplove
Take me to your best friend's house
Roll around this roundabout
Oh yeah
Take me to your best friend's house
I loved you then and I love you now
Oh yeah
Don't take me tongue tied
Don't wave no goodbye

Tongue Tied by GROUPLOVE on Grooveshark

Scene: Closing scene.
Song: "Youth"
Artist: FOXES
They didn't warn me
When I was running wild
The dragons breathing fire
In the backyard at night

We live in circles
And its so hard to breathe

Maybe the same old fears what have we here
Don't bring me down with you

Now i'm just chasing time
With a thousand dreams I'm holding heavy
And as we cross the line these fading beats have all been severed
Don't tell me our youth is running out
It's only just begun

If I asked you for good news
Would you smile and turn away
It's like a bad dream that is too afraid to wake 

Youth by Foxes on Grooveshark