Applause to the Gossip Girl writers: Snappy lines are the main reason we tune in each week, and Season 5, Episode 17: “The Princess Dowry” did not disappoint. Keep the Bassness coming!

11. Blair (Leighton Meester): And us fighting like this is exactly what that Bass-face wanted.

10. Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg): I know it’s hard for you, but stop and think.

9. Estee, the Royal Minder (to Blair): Next to your Sarah Ferguson’s swan drive, I’m Kate bloody Middleton.

8. Georgina: What’s a van der Woodsen family event if I’m not there to ruin it?

7. Blair (about Estee): Oh, my god. I was just b****-slapped by Bridget Jones.

6. Georgina (to Chuck): What if you spend the rest of your days wondering why you didn’t try and stop her from falling into the flannelled arms of that pretentious poseur?

5. Lily (Kelly Rutherford) (to Carol): I’d tell you to invite your daughter — the real one, not the fake one — but she’s not speaking to you.

4. Georgina: Look at me. I’m exhausted and aggravated. I have no social life to speak of. I feel like a stay-at-home mom.

3. Georgina: Oh, look. Dan’s phone. It must have fallen out of his coat and into my purse.

2. Blair (to Georgina): Are you using again? Why would I ever make myself indebted to you?

1. Georgina (to Ivy): When everybody at a party hates you, who better to bring than someone who they hate even more?

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Credit: Video via YouTube Photo: Sneak Peek of Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 18: "Con-Heir"