Credit: Jackson Lee/Splash News

As we creep closer to the May 14 Season 5 finale of Gossip Girl, dreams of a Chair-centric future seem to be looking more and more like a reality!

We’ve speculated about that ominous episode title — “The Return of the Ring” — and we know that Blair will be making that final decision between Chuck and Dan by episode’s end. Now, E! Online teases that the ring in question IS, in fact, the ring.

A “highly placed show insider” tells E! that “fans should take the event Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester attended on April 27, the grand opening of Harry Winston’s new store in Shanghai, as a major finale clue.”


Whether this means Chuck’s managed to get the original ring back that he left, post-heartbreak, on the steps of the famous jewelers’ NYC store or that he’s replaced it with another — we think it's safe to assume that Chuck + RING = a play for Blair’s heart. And we gotta say… We’re all.for.it.

Dan better bring his A-GAME. And we’re not talking about that weak profession of love from Episode 22, “Raiders of the Lost Art.” (Just sayin.)

Source: E! Online

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