Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CW 2011 The CW Network Photo: Dan and Blair Look Surprised in Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 14: "The Backup Dan"

After Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 17, “The Princess Dowry,” we saw Blair (Leighton Meester) choose Dan (Penn Badgley). And then we saw the promo for Season 5, Episode 18, “Con-Heir,” and promptly rewatched it a zillion times in order to correctly process our feelings. Basically, Dan and Blair end up between the sheets — but Dan still has his shirt on. Do they finally get it on, once and for all?

New scoop from TVLine says, yes (avert your eyes, Chair ‘shippers!), Dan and Blair do have sex, and not just once! Dair’s first attempt at consummating their epic love story may not live up to Dan’s expectations, as we’ve seen from his lackluster “Wow” response in the promo. However, TVLine reports the two are “in a slight different state of mind the second time they do it,” adding a specific denial: They don’t have sex in a public place. Ok then, glad we ruled that out of our ‘shipping daydreams / nightmares.

So… “a different state of mind,” huh? Perhaps these two do a little drunken canoodling? Blame it on the a-a-a-a-alcohol.

Source: TVLine

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Credit: Video via YouTube Photo: Sneak Peek of Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 18: "Con-Heir"