We know things are about to get a little awkward between the sheets for our brand-new lovers Dan (Penn Badgley) and Blair (Leighton Meester) in Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 18, "Con-Heir" – but what’s the cause of all that trouble?

Sounds like it all comes down to a little thing called PRESSURE.

Executive Producer Josh Safran chatted with Entertainment Weekly recently about the problems ahead for the lovin’-challenged duo, saying, “For Dan especially, he has loved her for years now, so when you have all that expectation pent up, it can often go wrong. For Blair, this is a major step – to actually go there with somebody who she didn’t see that way for a very long time and only recently has begun to understand how much he cared about her. Then, she had those feelings herself. It’s scary. It’s not necessarily chemistry as much as it is where they are emotionally.”

Dan Humphrey? Overcome by emotions? Say whaaat? (We kid, we kid.) But seriously, B’s had a heckuva last few months, so taking it slow seems to us to be just what these two need! After all, she did just almost marry a prince.

Josh hints that the pair will eventually overcome their problems — in a potentially hilarious way, saying, “The fun of this story is how they try to overcome it.” But he also warns that overcoming these problems does necessarily mean it’s “smooth sailing after.”

Our money’s on the “specter of Chuck [Ed Westwick]” bein’ to blame...

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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Credit: Perez Photo: Sneak Peek! Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 18, "Con-Heir": Dan and Blair Try to Have Sex (VIDEO)