Credit: The CW

Look. You guys. Hold on. Let us explain.

Blair (Leighton Meester) has had SO many amazing scams and schemes over the years on Gossip Girl and we completely acknowledge her evil genius prowess and potential. But let’s talk about this episode’s misadventure, because it was not up to snuff in our eyes.

First of all, Blair got rejected by Serena (Blake Lively) at the end of the Season 6 Premiere and did nothing to react or enact revenge. It was completely her fault that it happened, since she summarily dismissed S in the Season 5 Finale, but it was still out of character for her to take it sitting down.

Credit: The CW

Next, instead of consorting with a partner, she tries to go at it alone. She has previously used Dorota (Zuzanna Szadkowski) as a spy and together they’ve done many an amusing manipulation. But this time she doesn’t have Serena, as we mentioned. She doesn’t have Dan (Penn Badgley) because he’s in the middle of his own takedown, and is still mad about her choosing Chuck (Ed Westwick). She doesn’t have Chuck because he’s busy trying to grow into someone worthy of her. So, she goes the minion route — and it’s ugly.

Then, she resorts to silly trickery and uncharacteristic sucking up. Blair can brownnose with the best of em, but watching her half-assedly suck up to Nelly Yuki was lame, and designing a break in that involves stockings over the head is just elementary.

Finally, she doesn’t even confront Serena about the Gala. Instead, she stoops to sneaking in and STANDING OUTSIDE OF THE PARTY for most of it. What?!

Maybe it’s just us, but it seems like Blair’s game might be slipping. What do you think? Was she just holding back a little, or does she need a worthy PIC to pull off her old hijinks?

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