Credit: Frank Ockenfels/The CW Photo: Cast Promo Photo

You know, the big reveal of Gossip Girl should come with ribbons and bows, maybe a snow machine or some bubbles. Fog? Fireworks? A specially-written ballad written just for the moment, with like a hip underlying techno beat? That would be classic.
So, having Serena (Blake Lively) listen while Dan (Penn Badgley) tells her about his pathetic first time meeting her and then making him say “You’re nobody until you’re talked about,” and then Serena basically say “Oh, it’s Jenny (Taylor Momsen),” and then a cut away?
Nah. Can’t be... right? Right?

Right. Here’s the thing. It’s not Jenny. But it is a Humphrey. And honestly, it’s someone we were always hoping it would be. Dan. Dan Humphrey. “Jenny wanted to get on Gossip Girl. She’s known it was me for years,” he tells Rufus.

As for Gossip Girl revealing Jenny’s V card getting punched? Turns out Little J sent the tip in herself.


Okay, share your feelings. Now.