Credit: The CW Photo: Jenny Humphrey or Bart Bass — Will One of Them Die on Gossip Girl?

Regardless of how you feel about her Gossip Girl character, Kelly Rutherford (Lily) is the instagram gift that keeps on giving. Yesterday, the blonde matriarch tweeted pictures of some key characters on set in Central Park to film the show’s Series Finale, “I Love You, New York XOXO.”

We were delighted to see Dorota (Zuzanna Szadkowski) with Cyrus Rose and Eleanor Waldorf. We enjoyed the loveliness of Penn Badgley (Dan), Chace Crawford (Nate), and Michelle Trachtenberg (Georgina) at their scheming best. And we were thrilled and confused to see Chuck (Ed Westwick) in a black tux, after photos of him in white had been surfacing all day.

Today, she gave us a little present in the form of another reveal. Namely, we assumed Little J had bitten the dust — until Kelly tweeted this photo of her with Connor Paolo (Eric). They both look rather dressed up. Almost as if they’re going to a wedding? But who knows, with Jenny’s ghostly hair and clothes, she may be attending from the netherworld? Weirder things have been known to happen on GG after all...

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