We’ve seen the first on-set spoiler photos, so we know that Gossip Girl Season 6 is kicking off with a big outdoor wedding. And what’s a wedding without a little drama?

According to Twitter reports from GG fans on the set, Serena (Blake Lively) is going to slap Dan (Penn Badgley) in the face!

For a girl who was begging Dan to take her back as recently as the Season 5 finale, S seems to have changed her mind pretty fast. Oh, Danny Boy. What sort of mischief were you up to in Italy this summer, anyway?

Fan Vale Ramos tweeted multiple pictures from the set, including one of Dan and Serena at the wedding right before the slap. Plus, do you see the man in the gray suit standing right next to S? We’ve watched enough 7th Heaven reruns to recognize Matt Camden when we see him. Serena’s brand new love interest, Steven Spence played by 7th Heaven heartthrob Barry Watson — is right alongside her already.

But back to Dan and Italy. As we assumed when Gossip Girl put out a casting call for a bunch of sexy Italians, the show has also been filming scenes of Dan and Georgina’s (Michelle Trachtenberg) time in Italy. Vale tweeted an on-set pic of the pair, and added that Dan is writing a new book.

So does this mean Dan is working with the enemy to write a new book that will take down the Upper East Side? That doesn’t sound good! Come to think of it, if we were S, we’d totally slap him, too.

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