The fate of our dear Gossip Girl is still hanging in the balance in the days prior to Monday’s Season 5 finale, and we’re now in desperate need of intel on which way the cookie is gonna crumble for our fave UESers!

Sadly, according to a newly-published break-out by TV aficionados at Zap2it, that info might not be heading our way until after the finale. Wahhhh! Zap2it lists May 17 as the date of the CW’s upfront meeting announcing their fall season — and therefore the cut-off on the GG Season 6 decision — so while we might not know sooner, we will FOR SURE have an answer by then.

Does it break our hearts to think that we could be watching the final ep of Gossip Girl on Monday without even knowing it?!? Um, YES… But we’ll try to be brave.

Source: Zap2it

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