Color us confused. We heard awhile ago that someone might die on Gossip Girl and were pretty sure that it was Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) who bit the dust (call it wishful thinking?). We had just started to come to terms with the heavily-eyeliner-ring loss, when we saw pictures to the contrary.

Namely, Little J rolling with her homie Eric van der Woodsen (Connor Paolo) in pics posted by the lovely Kelly Rutherford (Lily) clued us into her undeadness (and not in a Twilight kinda way).

So, that only left Bart Bass to peace out in a body bag, right? Why else would Chuck get arrested at his wedding? Well, thanks again to Kelly, we see that Bart looks very much alive.

But before you start calling your bookie to change your bets, that picture is from the Gossip Girl Wrap Party. It’s still very likely that Bart dies... for real this time.

Source: Kelly Rutherford on Instagram

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