Last we left our flaxen-haired Gossip Girl protagonist, she was buying drugs from a sketchy rando on public transportation en route to who knows where. Now, TVLine’s Michael Aussiello gives us a light at the end of what we can only assume was a drug-filled summer tunnel for Serena (Blake Lively):

“Things are looking up for the drug-addled, friendless basket case that is Serena: I’m hearing she’ll be getting a major new love interest for the sixth and final season — one with the potential to sweep her off her feet and ride her… off into the sunset. What did you think I was going to say?

We already know a hot new French dude is going to stroll onto the scene in Gossip Girl's sixth and final season… But Blake Lively recently said she hopes Serena stays single for awhile — ya know, to get her mental affairs in order. Besides, we were kind of hoping Serena would end up back in Nate’s hunky arms.

Source: TVLine