Hey Upper East Siders, might Kristen Bell, voice of Gossip Girl’s titular mystery blogger, be making her first-ever onscreen appearance in the series’ final sixth season? Pop Sugar recently sat down with the sloth-loving blonde, who addressed whether or not she’ll ever walk among Gossip Girl’s rich and beautiful.

I certainly would if they asked me. It really depends on how the characters unfold and if they want to villainize someone or give someone the champion stick of being Gossip Girl in the end other than me. Die hard fans know it’s me, but I think normal people who watch the show care a lot more about the characters they see every week. There’s a lot of variables.

A lot of variables indeed! Could she reveal herself as being The Gossip Girl — or could she appear as an entirely new character? Kristen is right, however, about the fact that her cameo would only be for the die-hard fans — which is why we’re so excited!

Source: Pop Sugar

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