We’ve already heard some details from Executive Producer Stephanie Savage about what to expect on Gossip Girl’s sixth and final season next fall, and now E! Online is dishing another interesting bit of scoop.

The site reveals that Gossip Girl is currently in the process of casting “a handsome international businessman” who is set to have a recurring role in Season 6. His name is Jean-Pierre, he’s French, and — before you automatically dismiss him as Louis 2.0 — E! shares that he’ll be “a bit older” than Blair, Serena, and Co.

So could this new French hottie be a new love interest for one of our favorite ladies? It’s possible, but, personally, we’re hoping he’s here to stir up trouble in other areas. In particular, he’d better stay far away from our Blair Waldorf. It’s time for Blair and Chuck to just get together already!

Source: E! Online

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