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How are we only three episodes into the final season of Gossip Girl? Wait. How are we already that far in — there are only seven episodes left! With that little time, Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester) had better get their ish together if they’re going to win at love.

Let’s take a walk down Chair lane and see where we stand with our favorite star-crossed couple.

1. If you’ve gotten a little lost over the years, catch up in just one click.
Chuck and Blair’s Epic Love Story: The Complex History of Gossip Girl’s “Chair”

2. In the season 6 premiere, they make a pact. The GG producers help put it in context.
Gossip Girl Season 6 Spoilers: Chair Update! They "Love Each Other and They're Going To Try To Be Together"

3. Michael Ausiello said  “one of them will fail to accomplish an important item on their pre-engagement to-do list, potentially rendering their little agreement null and void.” We cried.
Gossip Girl Season 6 Spoilers: What Might Stop Chuck and Blair From Happily-Ever-After?

4. They sure practice enough... Does it make perfect?
Gossip Girl Series Finale Spoilers: Will Chuck and Blair Have a Baby?

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5. One day, everything changed because we saw Blair in a gorgeous blue bridal-looking dress.
Gossip Girl Series Finale Spoilers: Is This Blair’s Wedding — And Where Is Chuck? (PHOTOS)

6. It’s not much of a Chair wedding without the... Ch-
Gossip Girl Season 6 Finale Speculation: Is This Proof of Chuck and Blair’s Wedding? And Is There a Surprise Ending? (PHOTOS)

7. Small problem, guys. Guys?
Gossip Girl Season 6 Speculation: Is Chuck Arrested in the Series Finale?

MAJOR Gossip Girl Season 6 Finale Spoiler: Chuck’s Wearing a Wedding Ring!

9. But wait, that little tyke sure looks dark-haired and schemey...
Gossip Girl Season 6 Finale Speculation: Is This Chuck and Blair’s Child?

10. Um. Hey. Anyone? Can someone fix this?
Gossip Girl Season 6 Spoilers: Trouble Ahead for Chuck and Blair?

11. Chay it ain’t Cho!
Gossip Girl Season 6 Spoilers: Is Chuck Saying Goodbye to Blair Forever?!

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