Credit: GIOVANNI RUFINO/©2012 The CW Network, LLC.

Ever since those final moments of Monday’s Gossip Girl finale, we’ve been dying for any dish on what’s to come in the show’s sixth and final season. And just like that, the CW released a doozy of a synopsis this morning!

We know Nate’s going after Gossip Girl! We know Dan Humphrey is out for blood with his new literary offering! And we know Blair’s going to be fighting for Chuck’s heart, which is all bruised and battered from the recent Dair romance.

But a couple other pieces of the puzzle in particular have us quite curious… 

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Like, say, that whole business of Rufus and Lily “turn[ing] on one another” post-split! Don’t get us wrong, we’re all about Lonely Man (that’s Ruf’s official nickname these days, durrr) getting a burst of independence — especially since he’s been reduced to the role of a ‘50s housewife all season — but believing he’ll turn on the woman he’s long-considered his soul mate?! That breaks our hearts a lil’!

The synopsis says Rufus makes a “surprising new ally” when he goes up against Lily, and considering that Lola tasked Ivy with Lily’s takedown (this show loves a takedown), it’s not hard to imagine they’d buddy up — especially since they already sorta allied during the post-will fallout, which ultimately pulled the long-‘shipped couple apart.

We know Mama van der Woodsen is sort of a peripheral character, and we shouldn’t care this much about seeing her pay for her misdeeds, but… bring on the skeletons from that closet of designer duds! 

And while we’re on the subject of the vdW ladies — what’s to be made of these spoilers on Serena’s status? When S’s pals (we’re using that term loosely these days) go looking for her, “even they can’t imagine where they will ultimately find her.” Dun dun dunnn!

We all know the trouble that Serena’s gotten into in the past… so what other options are there? Dealin’ with Damien Dalgaard? Cruisin’ with Carter Baizen? Bummin’ with Ben Donovan? Lovin’ it up with Prince Louis? (Okay, we just threw that last one out there — we don’t want Louis back!) We may have our beefs with Ms. vdW these days, but we certainly don’t want to see her come to harm. Gulp.

Credit: GIOVANNI RUFINO/©2012 The CW Network, LLC.

And finally there’s Chuck and Blair. We should’ve figured that the Queen B would lend a scheming hand to Chuck on his quest to “win back his empire” from Papa Bass, especially since the loss of it is part of the reason Chuck didn’t just fall into her arms the minute she chose him over Dan. But a little delay in their happily ever after is fine with us if it means the equally devious lovers team up.

Phew! Is it September yet, guys?

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