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Now that Gossip Girl Season 6, Episode 1 “Gone Maybe Gone” is over and we can breathe again, what else is there to think about other than what happens next? Check out everything we know about Season 6, Episode 2 “High Infidelity” so far!

 Gossip Girl Season 6, Episode 2 Spoilers: Who’s Kissing Whom in “High Infidelity”? [PHOTOS]

We’re still reeling from the questions yet unanswered about the Season 6 premiere of Gossip Girl. So, what better way to answer a question than with more questions? Ask away!

Official Synopsis for Gossip Girl Season 6, Episode 2, “High Infidelity”: Georgina Is Back — Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wives!

Look. We don’t want to be alarmists here, but whoa — sounds like there are already many wheels in motion in what’s only the second episode of GG’s final season. Read more!

Promo for Gossip Girl Season 6, Episode 2: Our In-Depth Analysis of “High Infidelity”

Huh. Who knew Nate and Steven had so much in common? 

Gossip Girl Season 6 Episode 2 Spoilers: Things Between Dan and Georgia Get “Raw” and “Hard”

Not to dip our minds into the gutter, but those words make us A) Hot, and B) Terrified — something about the inclusion of Georgina's name gives us terrible flashbacks...


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