Like Gossip Girl herself, some of our fave GG-ers can't resist sending out blasts from their Crackberries. Some time between filming and being famous, the cast managed to squeeze in primo Twitter time.
Credit: Plixi Photo: Kelly Rutherford at a GG Fitting

realrutherford (Kelly Rutherford) Just did my fitting for an upcoming episode...I have my friends jess and krysten with me! ...Even when she tones it down Kelly manages to stay beautiful and chic.  We're so jealous!

matt_settle @realrutherford London was great! Missed you at work today!... Well, this seems harmless?

realrutherford @matt_settle right back at you! Xoxo... Yup, it’s official! Matt and Kelly’s flirtation has definitely gone Twitter!

Credit: Twitpic Photo: Taylor Momsen Snowing In Paris Photo
taylormomsen - Its snowing in Paris!... Quick! Who can tell us what hotel Tay is staying at in gay Paree?