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Ed Westwick Spotted With Famous Hollywood Starlet — You'll NEVER Guess Who! (PHOTO)

Who’s Ed Westwick (Chuck) snuggling up to in this twitpic? We’re betting that you’ll be surprised! Find out who she is...

Gossip Girl Fangirl’s Dream Comes True: She Sneaks On Set, Gets Mistaken For an Extra!

How do you explain the fact that superfan Kate Robertson snuck onto the Gossip Girl  set, got all dolled up by some confuzzled makeup artist, and made her way onto the show? Dreams come true, people!

Gossip Girl’s Kelly Rutherford “Devastated” By Family Court Ruling

After a drawn-out legal battle following Kelly Rutherford’s divorce, a judge ruled in favor of their two children to live with her ex-husband. The problem? He lives in France. Get the details.

Gossip Girl Stars Most OMG Moments: Nose-Picking, Bra-Flashing, and So Many Awkward Faces (PHOTOS)

We hate to admit it, but Gossip Girl stars are not in fact impeccably-dressed gods that walk among us mere mortals. Truth? Exposing a little humanity makes us love them all the more! See the pics!

Kelly Rutherford Plants a Kiss on Blake Lively — Gossip Girl OMG Pic of the Day!

Kelly Rutherford (Lily) can’t stop kissing her Gossip Girl co-stars! First she pulls in a (jokingly) reluctant Ed Westwick (Chuck) for an on-set smooch — and now she’s at it again with Blake Lively (Serena)!

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