Gossip Girl’s  100TH EPISODE is ONE WEEK AWAY!! Check out all the details for the upcoming landmark entry in the GG history books with the synopsis for Season 5, Episode 13: “G.G.”

Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CW 2012 The CW Network Photo: Blair With Her Dads in Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 13: "G.G"

OMG! GOSSIP GIRL HITS 100 EPISODES! — The much-anticipated 100th episode will open with a musical dream sequence featuring Serena (Blake Lively), Blair (Leighton Meester), and all the men in their lives (Penn Badgley,Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, and Hugo Becker). Also, while Chuck wrestles with the reality that Blair is about to walk down the aisle with Prince Louis, the return of Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg) might make the royal affair a royal disaster. Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle also star. Mark Piznarski directed the episode written by executive producer Joshua Safran (#513).

While we’re not sure why B thinks she even loves Louis enough to marry him at this point (seriously, is it only obvious to us that she maybe never even did?), we have a feeling with all this Dan/Chuck/GEORGINA action in the mix, something will stop Blair from making such a grave mistake... we hope!

Be sure to catch up on all things ROYAL WEDDING if you’ve missed any of the spoilers!

And hit us up in the comments with your best predictions for the big day...

Credit: YouTube Photo: Gossip Girl's Royal Wedding — Sneak Peek of Season 5, Episode 13: "G.G." [VIDEO]

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