Credit: The CW Photo: Blair Waldorf in Season 1 (2007) and in Season 6 (2012)

In Season 1, Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) and crew were just juniors in high school. So, it’s no shame that she rocked the lace and headbands and let her hair have the run of things. But we can’t imagine that B ever pulled off eyelet overlay and a top-of-the-box bow headband simultaneously — and with pearls to boot!

These days, Blair is still taming her tresses with headbands galore, but they’re more haute couture than Holly Hobbie. Just think, back then she was fooling around with Chuck (Ed Westwick) in the back of limos and plotting the downfall of others. And now... well, she’s doing the same things while wearing better clothes.

Biggest changes? Toning down her contrasting skin-face-makeup-washed out dress combos.
Verdict: HUGE improvement.

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