If we could be anyone in the world, it would probably be Blake Lively. The Gossip Girl star has her own primetime soap, is a respected film actress, eats cupcakes and doesn’t work out yet still vogues for Gucci. Plus, she spent an entire summer making out with Leonardo DiCaprio on bikes and boats in Italy — and now she’s married to Ryan Reynolds. Most Enviable Life No. 1, in our book.

In Ask Men’s book, Blake Lively is No. 13 on their annual 99 Hottest Women list. This is the second “hottest women of the world” list Blake’s landed on this year; Maxim also named her No. 13. Ask Men sandwiched Blake right between two other TV vixens: Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara nabbed No. 12, while Kristina Hendricks came in at No. 14. The top spot went to Jennifer Lawrence, another girl with whom we’d totally trade lives.

Source: Ask Men