Sounds like Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford is making good on all his promises to be a totally cool uncle to sis Candice’s new baby, Hawkins — even if the little guy is still just a mere three weeks old.

The tight siblings were on hand at the White House Correspondents' dinner last weekend — along with Candice’s hubby, Tony Romo — and Chace shared his excitement over his new “uncledom” with People Mag, saying, “I am the best uncle. I’m like Christmas vacation. I’m the best.”

Hello, adorable!

Back in December, Chace promised baseball games and cotton candy once the new addition arrived, and although it’s a little early for such activity, Uncle Chace doesn’t seem to be wasting any time getting involved. After all, he was there for Hawkins’ birth, and he — again, adorably! — described the experience thusly: “It’s an extremely bizarre, beautiful process. I’m not going to give you all the intimate details of my sister having a baby, but it was absolutely incredible.”

Meanwhile, Chace is still looking for The One — you know, that special gal who will touch him “on the inside” — but wifey hopefuls everywhere are probably happy to know that he’ll be well trained in diaper changing once he does settle down.

Source: People Magazine

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Credit: Vimeo Photo: Chace Crawford on Gossip Girl Season 6: "The Beginning of the End" (VIDEO)