Credit: Statigram

Ever since Gossip Girl signed off on December 17, we’ve had a Chuck Bass-shaped hole in our hearts and an unscratchable itch for a low growl. To be oddly specific, our Ed Westwick pillowcase is getting a little threadbare.

Until now, we’ve been perfectly content to stare at our Ed screensavers and photoshop his ever-present gold chain away, occasionally chatting with him and thanking the Internet for GIFs that make him talk back to us. But for a few lucky fans, they’ve had a much less “I live in my parents’ basement” sort of experience.

A Tumblr kid who wins at life posted the above pic with the caption “Met Ed Westwick tonight! :D,” which seems like a pretty tame reaction to running into the gray beanie-clad New Order shirt-wearing heartstopper while he was home in London. But we suppose if we had to take in said gold chain and a mustache too, we too might be a little reserved when it came to expressing our dreams coming true.

For others, it was just the human contact they needed to make the fantasy of Chuck Bass proposing not even a thing anymore (that’s just crazy talk). Another fan tweeted, “THANK YOU LONDON! A real life Ed Westwick up against me on the train times like these you have to love the pushing on the tube! WOW!!💋❤😘😍😳.” That’s a passport we’d love to have stamped.