Late last week, all of our Chuck and Blair dreams came true when she chose Chuck in the Season 5 finale. Then, we got the cherry on top of our Chair sundae when The CW confirmed that Gossip Girl will return for a shortened and final Season 6 in the fall. The official synopsis teases a disappearance (by Serena), a new scandalous book penned by Dan, and the ongoing bedroom-eyes staring match between Chuck and Blair.

There’s a lot to wrap up in the final season. The past five seasons have had an average of 24 episodes in which to let the drama unfold. This time around, the “shortened” season will have only 10 or 11 episodes to wrap it all up, executive producer Josh Safran tells Entertainment Weekly. The CW has not yet finalized its order for the season, which will also reportedly feature some epic flashbacks.

As for timing, TVLine reports Gossip Girl Season 6 will begin in October and most likely finale sometime in December.

Sources: TVLine, Entertainment Weekly

Credit: YouTube Photo: Must-Watch! Chuck and Blair's Final Scene in the Gossip Girl Finale: Season 5, Episode 24, "The Return of the Ring" (VIDEO)