Credit: Getty Images

Every Gossip Girl fan who’s ever donned a “What Would Blair Waldorf Do” headband fears Queen B’s judgment over their aesthetic mishaps. Like, what if you accidentally wore the same dress as Blair to a Gala — Would she chop off your hair in the night?

Apparently, Leighton Meester found that out the hard way. Although she wore a rather lovely strapless dress (one of her better recent clothing moments) to a Flaunt Magazine party in LA on October 25, her tresses were... different.

Leighton told Just Jared “it was time for a change,” and lopped off her locks after the New York-based show wrapped, then moved to Los Angeles. Although Blair would appreciate her thorough washing of hands of the whole thing, we’re wondering if she wouldn’t have also paid a little to have a stylist make the cut. Just a thought.

Source: Just Jared

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