Credit: Pacific Coast News Photo: Penn Badgley Strolls Through New York City With His New Beard on June 8, 2012

Penn Badgley was recently spotted looking like he walked straight off the Portlandia set (and/or out of the Mongolian hinterland). The Gossip Girl star finally cut his curly mop, but he’s transferred all that follicle frenzy downward, to his face. And why the new beard, you might ask? Because he can.

Speaking with Vulture at a party at the High Line, Penn says he’s growing the beard now, in the summer of all seasons (all good hipsters know Winter is beard season). “I’ve never really had the opportunity to grow one. Because of work. And I know everybody hates it.”

The good news? The facial hair forest won’t be around for much longer. "I'm probably going to shave it in about a week,” Penn adds. Good thing, because we quite like that handsome face of his.

Source: Vulture

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