Thank the stork who delivered Leighton Meester 26 years ago. Can you imagine anyone else on earth playing the amazing Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl these past five seasons? (That’s a rhetorical question.)

The woman behind television’s best schemer celebrates her birthday today, April 9, and so naturally we just have to celebrate by sharing some of the things we love about her!

1. She’s not just an actress trying to be a singer. The girl can sing! (Oh, and play guitar. NBD.)

Credit: YouTube Photo: Leighton Meester Fights Blood Cancer With Get Swabbed Campaign (VIDEO)

3. She’s overcome a lot of personal obstacles. She’s a fighter, just like Blair!

4. Like a fine wine... her wardrobe only gets better with age!

5. She’s Team Chair! Need we say more?


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