Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Splash News Photo: Ryan Reynolds' Ex, Scarlett Johansson, and His Current Girlfriend, Blake Lively

Comparing ourselves with a boyfriend’s ex — we’ve all caught ourselves doing it once or twice. And if the ex-in-question is a gorgeous A-list movie bombshell like Scarlett Johansson … we imagine the temptation to measure up has to be pretty intense!

So now that Blake Lively (Serena) has been dating Ryan Reynolds for a while now, we’ve got to wonder: Has Blake ever felt the pressure to be more like Scarlett?

It turns out she just may have — but only when it comes to getting fit!

After seeing what amazing shape Ms. Johansson got in for her role in Iron Man 2, Blake was reportedly so inspired that she went directly to the source: celeb trainer Bobby Strom! At the time, Strom was already busy getting Ryan Reynolds in shape for his leading role in Green Lantern — so co-star Blake quickly and she decided to follow suit. (…That was a superhero joke.)

While the training started as a means to avoid injury while performing some stunts on the set, Blake got a little added boost of inspiration from the 2010 Vogue shoot she did in a white bikini (refresher here)! Nothing like designer swimwear and a hot co-star to bring out the best on the gym floor…

The moral of the story? We’re sure ScarJo is a tough act for any gal to follow. But when you’re Blake freaking Lively, it’s probably not too much of an issue!

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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