You know how Chuck Bass has sexy threesomes and wanders the streets of Manhattan in various states of drunkenness? And you know how he weeps sad man tears into Monkey’s dog fur, and then wakes up surrounded by crotchless panties? Ed Westwick is so the opposite.

Turns out Gossip Girl's hunkiest boy-toy is all about leading the simple life, in which he acts super, super, super-duper British. "I stay at home and watch Planet Earth and drink cups of tea. That's my evening," Ed tells Sioux City Journal.

Um, welcome to our world. We'll never forget that one episode of Planet Earth when the baby ducks flew out of their nest in slow motion. Tears! "Of course I have been documented in the press once or twice for interesting moments somewhere in New York," Ed continues. "But I'm a young man. I'm going to be going out having fun once in awhile."

Please, nothing is more fun than drinking tea and enjoying a good, old-fashioned documentary –– or five. Amen to that, Ed.

Source: Sioux City Journal