If our swoons were currency, Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) would be worth, like, a bajillion dollars. But since there’s no bank that will cash in our dreamy eyed stares, notebook-scrawled hyphened last names, and fan video views, let’s talk more solid numbers.

We’ve been too busy splicing together footage making said fan videos to actually do the math on how much an IRL Chuck would be (oh my gawd. What if he really were real.) worth, we’re grateful that Forbes did the legwork for us.

In the midst of last season’s dead Bart-ness and Thorpe business fighting, they calculated that the real estate mogul, jr. would be worth $1.1 billion. As for these days, with Chuck basically unseated from the family business and not doing as much of the financial dealings, we’re not sure of an exact figure.

But that’s a whole lot of diamond rings he could buy us Blair.

Source: Forbes

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