Now that Blake Lively (Serena van der Woodsen) is married to her hunky Green Lantern co-star, Ryan Reynolds, the time has come for baby-making. Seriously, girlfriend needs to get knocked up stat, or else miniature Kim Kardashians are going to take over the universe.

But how will Blake balance kiddos with her busy life as a celebrity? Those red carpets don't walk themselves, people.

"The last premiere I went to, I had my nieces and nephews, I was babysitting them, they were at my hotel at the pool all day," Blake tells Refinery29. "My sister hadn't shown up yet, she was late. So I was like 'okay, you guys, you're coming to the premiere!' I'm carrying babies and wet bathing suit trunks...I'm holding the babies, I have them in the car with me, I walk the red carpet, I get back in the car and continue to watch them until my sister shows up."

Um, Blake is already the best mom ever, and she hasn't even gotten pregnant yet! We have a feeling her kiddo will be the luckiest bambino in the world –– not to mention the best dressed. Plus, we love that Blake isn't taking herself too seriously on the red carpet. Her laid-back attitude is so refreshing!

Source: Refinery29