Leave it to the set of Gossip Girl to become the breeding ground for juicy gossip and Blake Lively-related intrigue.

According to Page Six, rumors were flying on set back in late September that Blake could be pregnant with her first child.

Cast members and crew said that the blonde bombshell had been “glowing” since her top-secret wedding to Ryan Reynolds on September 9, which was kind of unconvincing, considering she’d just married the man of our her dreams.

But apparently it was the actress’s eating habits that made the crew think there could be a baby on the way.

“Blake is usually really careful about what she eats, but since her wedding, she seems to be eating a lot more,” one insider said. “Everyone on set is on bump-watch.”

However, Blake’s rep was quick to shoot down the report, dismissing it as “completely untrue.”

In other words, Blake and Ryan aren’t yet trying for those 30 babies on Blake’s bucket list.

Sources: Page Six, Us Weekly

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