Perhaps this is why Connor Paolo (Eric) didn’t want to become a regular on Gossip Girl. Paolo appears in a sneak peek clip from ABC’s new series Revenge, in which he appears to play a somewhat major part... at least if that body he’s standing over has anything to do with it.

The show, which stars Emily VanCamp (Brothers & Sisters) is about a young girl who comes back to the Hamptons to get revenge on the people who took her away from her family when she was a child. Juicy!

Revenge is scheduled to air on Wednesdays at 10 PM on ABC this fall. No word yet on how this will affect Connor’s availability for Season 5 of Gossip Girl, though with Eric’s sudden (for us) announcement in this week’s finale that he’ll be attending Sarah Lawrence College, it’s likely the van der clan will barely notice his absence. Will you?

Source: ABC

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